Van Veen - Van Hemert Post 89

The Van Veen - Van Hemert Post 89 sponsors a 5th Grade essay contest every year on what the American Flag means to them. In November the 5th grade classes from Jefferson Intermediate and Pella Christian schools were tasked to write the essays. There were 187 entries from the two schools and the process began with judges from the Legion post judging the essays in 5 different categories. After the Legion judges worked their way down to nine finalists educators from both schools during the Christmas break judged the nine to determine the three winners. The winners have been announced. Thanks to Paul Beyer and all that helped out.

This years winners are:

1st Place winner: Greta Miller. She received $100 and a gold medal.

2nd Place winner: Zoe Drabek. She received $75 and a silver medal.

3rd Place Winner: Leah Lorenzen. She received $50 and a bronze medal.